Sanctuary – Love Never Ends

Several of our young people from Trinity and Rock Solid, our circuit youth group for young people in years 6 to 9 enjoyed keeping their leaders awake all night, at Love Never Ends, an overnight action packed Christian event at Blackburn Cathedral. Look out for their review of the night appearing shortly on the blog. There was some good media coverage of the event. BBC North West featured Sanctuary on Saturday. At the moment it is still available to watch on the BBC News website Do have a look what our young people have been up to!


Rocky’s Plaice 12th -16th August 2013

Chatburn Methodist Church was transformed into a pretend fish and chip shop, when it hosted the summer holiday club, “Rocky’s Plaice” in August this year. The holiday club was expertly led and organised by Anne and Derek Hardacre and a team of committed volunteers from both Christ Church and Chatburn Methodist Church. Some of our teenagers from around the circuit (Anna, Molly and Elizabeth) did an amazing job as team leaders organising the crafts and games for over 20 children who attended.
The theme of the week was “Rocky’s Plaice” and the children learnt all about the early church, and stories about Peter, through a range of fish-themed crafts, snacks, and games. Highlights of the week were making new friends, the daily aerobic warm up, the shark attack parachute game and the special fish and chip snacks that were served up.The week ended with a special holiday club service which families of those attending the holiday club where invited to. Items from the children included a performance of the theme song “Rocky’s Plaice” and a display of crafts and photos of the week. Thanks to Roy Porter we all enjoyed a lovely barbecue to finish a fantastic week. Photos of the week will soon be displayed in our churches in the circuit or on this blog.

Loving our ‘Leavers’

One of the core ideas of Sticky Faith is that young people need to feel a part of their church community at each age and stage of their development in order for them to grow a faith that sticks with them through life.

The big faith challenge for a young person comes when they leave their home (and their home church), and step out into a world which doesn’t provide the foundation and routines that they’ve come to lean on.  So where does our responsibility lie when a young person in our church comes of age and leaves home?  Do we wave them off with our best wishes and hope to see them again at Christmas… or are they still a part of our community, even after they’ve left?

There are many ways which we could communicate to our young people that we still consider them part of our church family.  One easy way is to celebrate with them as they finish school and acknowledge their achievement.  Get them up at the front on a Sunday morning when they’ve finished their exams.  Tell them we’re proud of them.  Tell them we’re praying for them no matter what.  Tell them we’d love to hear from them and they’re welcome any time.  Give them a slot in the newsletter to share about their new experiences, or invite them to come back and speak to the youth about what college or Uni is like.

Another way is to reach out and remind them that we’re thinking of them.  What young person doesn’t glow a little- even the lads!- when you offer them some unexpected encouragement.  I’ve come across a website that I adore called Giver’s Log which is all about, well, giving.  The category ‘Happy Mail’ is dedicated to ideas for care parcels that you could send to a uni student to let them know you’re thinking about them.  And get this- all of the parcel ideas weigh 13 oz or less!  (As it’s an American site, this weight is what separates a letter from a parcel.  It’s probably not the same here, but it will still be pretty cheap to send!)  Check it out:

As our young people are finishing exams and taking next steps, let’s get encouraging!

Grace & Peace

Being Your Children’s Biggest Fan

I came across these tween-encouragement-cards on the Sticky Faith website recently and was inspired.

You know all those moments we have as parents when our child does something really special and we just want to take a moment and say ‘Wow.’?  How often do we actually get to commemorate those moments?

These encouragement cards are such a fun way to communicate to our children that we’re proud of them, and on the busy days when it may not look like we notice the special things that they’ve done, we really do.  In our house, I hope to use these in a scrapbook for my little one to read when she’s old enough.

How do you encourage your child(ren)?  Share your ideas below!

Grace & Peace

‘How would you feel if the church was knocked down?’

Today, Trinity Methodist Church was visited by the Year 7 students from Bowland High School.  As one of their Seeds projects the students visited churches of four different denominations in Clitheroe, and compared and contrasted the buildings, symbols and teachings.

They came armed with excellent questions, such as-

  • How would you feel if your church was knocked down?
  • Is the church the building or the people?
  • Why is love so important to Christians?
  • How is your church present in the community?
  • What would you have to change about your lifestyle to become part of the church?

Hats off to the RE teachers of Bowland High- we hope it was a memorable day for all!