Waddington Waddlers is on the move!

Due to some needed repairs at Waddington Methodist Church, next week the group will be moving to Chatburn Methodist Church until further notice.

The carer and toddler group has a few exciting things coming up, including a night out and end-of-term picnic.  For more info and to get connected with the group, check out their new Facebook page!



Confession Time…

I came across the following blog post the other day and immediately, thought, ‘Yep.  Been there.’  I think, no matter what age our children are, if we admit it we’ve all had Sunday mornings which ended up more of a frustration than a blessing.

What I love about this article is how the mum has decided to turn difficult Sunday mornings right back round and make them a special, spiritual time once again.  Have a look!

why God loves it when young mommies go to church at happyhomefairy.com

What do you think?

(And if you feel the need, ask one of our ministers how you can make your own ‘dog collar’ from a washing up liquid bottle.  They’ve all done it!)

Grace & Peace

Being Your Children’s Biggest Fan

I came across these tween-encouragement-cards on the Sticky Faith website recently and was inspired.

You know all those moments we have as parents when our child does something really special and we just want to take a moment and say ‘Wow.’?  How often do we actually get to commemorate those moments?

These encouragement cards are such a fun way to communicate to our children that we’re proud of them, and on the busy days when it may not look like we notice the special things that they’ve done, we really do.  In our house, I hope to use these in a scrapbook for my little one to read when she’s old enough.

How do you encourage your child(ren)?  Share your ideas below!

Grace & Peace

Fresh Ideas for a New Term

We’ve joined Pinterest!

Pinterest is an online ‘notice board’ for sharing ideas and inspiration.  Parents, children’s volunteers and local preachers are welcome to have a look and find resources for Bible stories, crafts and prayer- as well as encouragement and ideas for living our faith as a family at home.  Have fun!  (click on the image to go to our shiny new Pinterest board)


If you have any ideas our resources you’d like to pin on the board, get in touch!

Look what we can do…

… With shaving foam and glue!

The Whalley Little Fishes had some good clean fun creating winter scenes this morning. The parent/carer and toddler group meets Tuesdays, 9:15-11:00 at Whalley Methodist Church. Cost is £1 per family and the session includes free play, craft, snack and story or singing time- plus the chance to get to know a really fun bunch of people! No need to book, come and join us any time.