52 Ways To Share Your Faith- Week 8

Encourage Others in the Community

Do something encouraging or supportive for other people who serve the community – teachers, councillors, librarians, foster carers police, childminders and nursery nurses, care assistants, GPs, lollipop people, cleaners, bin & council operatives, those on customer services, traffic wardens(?). maybe just a card with an encouraging message might give those who work hard but feel unappreciated a powerful message that they are cared for.

(Charlotte Rumble)

52 Ways to Share Your Faith
Each week we will publish one way in which we can share our faith with those around us. Please feel free to share this with anyone else. If you want to receive this electronically then go to the ‘Lancashire Methodist Year of Evangelism’ page on facebook (click the like button) or ‘@YrofEvangelism’ on twitter and it will be sent to you. Why not arrange to meet up with a couple of people from your church to encourage each other and share stories. To see previous ideas log on to www.lancashiremethodist.org.uk.

To share a good news story with the district email Nick Moxon.


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