Being Your Children’s Biggest Fan

I came across these tween-encouragement-cards on the Sticky Faith website recently and was inspired.

You know all those moments we have as parents when our child does something really special and we just want to take a moment and say ‘Wow.’?  How often do we actually get to commemorate those moments?

These encouragement cards are such a fun way to communicate to our children that we’re proud of them, and on the busy days when it may not look like we notice the special things that they’ve done, we really do.  In our house, I hope to use these in a scrapbook for my little one to read when she’s old enough.

How do you encourage your child(ren)?  Share your ideas below!

Grace & Peace


What’s Happening This Weekend

Saturday April 27th

Whalley Spring Fashion Event– Whalley Methodist Church, 10:30 am – 3 pm


Sunday April 28th

10:00 am-  Trinity All Age Worship

Chatburn Morning Worship

10:30 am- Whalley All Age Worship

Waddington Morning Worship.  Sunday School provided.

Paythorne All Age Worship

5:30 pm- Film & Faith Night at Trinity

Ready For Spring Yet? Me Too.

This year the Lancashire Methodist District is exploring evangelism.  As I’ve already written, evangelism really starts with sharing- a friendship, a story, a favour, a gift, or even just a simple cup of tea.  It is through our relationships that we truly demonstrate God’s message of love.

If this crazy season of not-yet-spring is getting you down, why not try and cheer someone up?  Here’s a brilliant article to help inspire:

20 Simple Ways to Brighten Someone’s Day

One of the great things about this list is that they are all things that you could do together as a family- which is not only sharing a good thing with someone else, but it’s also sharing a legacy with our children.  What a special thing!

If you and your family feel you’d like to do more to share your gifts and time, we’re looking to start a circuit Family Ministry Team which can help you do just that.  Just what the team does is entirely up to those who join.  It might be bringing meals to a family going through a hard time, or baking cakes just to cheer someone up, organizing family events or a babysitting scheme- or maybe you have other ideas of how we can be available and share what we have.  If you’re interested in being part of the conversation, please get in touch!

Thinking sunny thoughts,


What’s Happening This Week

Sunday April 21st 

9:00 am- Whalley Reflective Communion

10:00 am-  Trinity Morning Communion.  Sunday School provided.

Chatburn Morning Communion

10:30 am- Whalley Morning Worship.  Sunday School provided.

Waddington All Age Worship

2:00 pm- Paythorne Afternoon Worship

6:00 pm- Trinity Evening Worship

Praying Together at Home: Prayer Pots

Many of us like the prayer cube which is used at TOFs before our meal for family prayer.  If you don’t have one at home, why not make your own Prayer Pot?


Here are two fun examples-  click on the photos to find out more about them.


prayer pail




Have fun creating your own meaningful family prayer pail- and come back and tell us about it!