Kid Carpet and the Noisy Animals


Come and join us for a fun family evening!

Saturday, 23rd March, 6 pm at Whalley Methodist Church

Kid Carpet & The Noisy Animals follows four animals as they make friends, play games, need to go to the toilet, contemplate the world and finally rock out at a grand dance contest. The show involves some very lo-fi technological wizardry and turns ordinary everyday toys into magical superstars with the aid of a video camera, comedy and punk rock.  This is another Spot-On production, ideal for young families with children aged from 3 years upwards and enjoyable for everyone.

Tickets are available from Eric Ronnan (01254 822555), Christine Moss and the Whalley Stewards- or you can buy them at the door.  Adults £6, Children £3, Under 5s free. Or you can purchase a family ticket (2 adults, 2 kids) for £15.

The Theatre production will be about an hour long. There will be free drinks and refreshments after the show and games until 8pm to complete the evening.

Find out more about Kid Carpet at


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