South Pacific Stories

Many of us have been praying for Wendy and Tim Bridgeman as they prepare for their great adventure to Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands.  One of the fascinating about their trip is the task they’ve been given as they visit churches and meet people:  Storying.

So what’s storying?  It’s sitting down, having a cup of tea with someone, and telling stories about yourself, your life, and what God has done.  Doesn’t that sound fabulous?  What a lovely, warm way to think about evangelism.  I’m pretty sure we’re all good at having a cuppa and a natter.  Why not make faith part of our dialogue?  Who knows, maybe our friends and colleagues might have some stories to tell themselves!

You can read and pray about Tim and Wendy’s adventures as they keep us updated on their blog-


Meanwhile, back here in sunny England, let’s try our own adventures in storying, shall we?  And please be sure to comment below and tell us how it goes!


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