What’s Happening This Weekend

2012 Rock Solid052Sunday February 3rd

10:00 am- Trinity Morning Communion.  Sunday School provided.

Chatburn Morning Communion



10:30 am- Whalley Morning Worship.  Sunday School provided.

Waddington Morning Worship.  Sunday School provided.

2:00 pm- Paythorne Afternoon Communion

6:00 pm- Trinity Evening Communion


One response to “What’s Happening This Weekend

  1. Hi all, in case you didn’t make the service at Trinity today, I thought I’d share with you the message. The reading was from Matt 9:9-14 and 9:20-26. The theme, ‘Breaking down boundaries’. The boundaries and limitations we put on ourselves and others restrict how we experience God. Matthew,the lady with the blood disorder, and Jairus’ daughter are all examples of social, political, religious, ritualistic boundaries, and yet Jesus ate with them, healed them, touched them. Matthew’s book restores the marginalised in society to faith,to salvation, to Jesus. Rev Harry asked, ‘What boundaries are we helping to keep in place through our traditions, rituals, prejudices?’ What an ice-breaker! Jesus reminds us to turn round to those who are heavy with shame, and not have them stand beside us or behind us with their eyes to the ground, head hanging low. Not to be a passer-by.
    Scripture challenges us to be a church that’s improper, that goes against societal, religous, ritualist boundaries; a church that takes risks and carries God’s people in its heart. Does anyone have any stories of challenges to share? Melx

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