Safeguarding… With A Smile

Safeguarding is one of the subjects I look forward to talking about.

No, seriously, I do.  Why?  Because as a parent it’s vitally important to me.  I’ve seen the films and thought ‘Yeah it’s possible, but it doesn’t actually happen in the real world.’  And I’ve read the papers and realised it really does.

For over 10 years I’ve been working with children and young people, and more than once I’ve walked with an individual through the healing process as they deal with the consequences of their own poor decisions- or someone else’s.  And the truth is, it never really heals.  It’s heart-breaking.  And we can’t fix the past, but we can try and build a better future.

That’s why I’m grateful for Child Protection Policy.  I’m proud of our Methodist Church and its bold approach to safeguarding.  I will happily give ten minutes to fill out a form, and  a few hours each year to attend a course, so that we can joyfully say to parents, ‘Your children are safe with us.  We will look after them to the very best of our ability.  We are here with no other motive than to tell them of God’s perfect love.’  

As a parent, nothing less is good enough for my child- how about yours?


The Methodist Church asks that ALL children and youth volunteers attend the following course, and your last chance to do so within our Circuit is below.  If you haven’t done the module yet, please book yourself on.  Christine does an excellent job, and I guarantee you will find it useful.
Creating Safer Space: Foundation Module

Safeguarding training session for presbyters, workers with children & young people, stewards, pastoral visitors, choir/music group/drama leaders, local preachers and worship leaders.

Monday 28th January – 6.15pm for 6.30pm start, finish by 9pm – held at Whalley Methodist Church.  

This is the very last local training opportunity for those in the Circuit who hold the above roles.  If you have not attended this training before, please ensure you book a space on this course, or you will not be able to continue in your role, until you have attended the training.

To book a place, please contact:  Christine Moss  –  01254 240413 or email




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