Look what we can do…

… With shaving foam and glue!

The Whalley Little Fishes had some good clean fun creating winter scenes this morning. The parent/carer and toddler group meets Tuesdays, 9:15-11:00 at Whalley Methodist Church. Cost is £1 per family and the session includes free play, craft, snack and story or singing time- plus the chance to get to know a really fun bunch of people! No need to book, come and join us any time.


Inspire 7

Have you checked out Inspire lately?


It’s an annual conference organised by the Lancashire Methodist District, and is truly a day packed with heart-felt worship and practical teaching.  Plus, creche and day programmes are available for children under 18.  I highly recommend it!

This year’s workshops include:

• Rest (and stillness) in ‘God’s economy’
• Faith at Work
• Church & Retirement
• Why the Church Struggles to Celebrate
Rest & Leisure
• The Church Celebrating the Family
• Street Pastors
• Ambassadors in Sport
• Action for Children (the children’s charity of
the Methodist Church)
The world we experience
• All Things Bright & Beautiful
Creating urban gardens
• Children Unite
Giving child domestic workers a voice
• Wake Up and Smell the Coffee…
• Jubi-what?
• Adoption: God’s plan & you
• Celebrating & Affirming Wisdom
A global perspective
• The Last Taboo: Death & Dying Well
• Have you heard the one about the Vicar,
the Hairdresser and the Chiropodist?
Addressing the spiritual needs of frail older
people in care homes.
• Being a Christian in my family is tough!
• Talk about Jesus at work, you’re kidding!
• Talk about Jesus at the gym you’re kidding!
• Too old to talk about Jesus – you’re kidding!

Intriguing, right??

Lat year there were lots of folks from our Circuit in attendance, so if you want to come along but don’t want to go on your own, get in touch and we’ll link you up with someone from your church.  Hope to see you there!

What’s Happening This Weekend

Saturday January 26th

Coffee stop at Trinity


Sunday January 27th

10:00 am- Trinity All Age Worship

Chatburn Morning Worship

10:30 am- Whalley All Age Worship

Waddington Morning Worship.  Sunday School provided.

Paythorne All Age Worship

6:00 pm- Circuit Praise Night at Whalley

What’s Happening This Weekend


Sunday January 20th

09:00 am- Whalley Reflective Communion Service

10:00 am- Trinity Morning Worship.  Sunday School provided.

 Chatburn Morning Worship


10:30 am- Whalley Communion Service.  Sunday School and Youth Group provided.

Waddington All Age Worship.

2:00 pm- Paythorne Afternoon Worship.

6:30 pm- United Service at St. Michael’s & St. John’s, Clitheroe

United Service at English Martyrs, Whalley

What’s Next??

For Methodists in Lancashire, 2013 is our district ‘Year of Evangelism.’  Now if prayer is a scary word, I think most of us would secretly confess that evangelism is even scarier!

But if you really think about it, evangelism starts with the simple act of sharing.  We cannot effectively share God’s message in words if we’re not first sharing it in love.  What could you share with someone in your life or your community- a cup of tea and a word of encouragement?  How about a home-cooked meal?  Could you babysit for a struggling parent?  Help out a new neighbour to welcome them to the neighbourhood?  Or give some time to someone who needs it?

Through the year we’ll be exploring how we can embrace evangelism in our church, in our homes and in our church family.  So as we begin this new year, I encourage each of us to give some thought to a simple question- ‘What can I share?’  And let’s keep one another in prayer as we journey together in the coming year.

What’s Happening This Weekend

Sunday January 13th

10:00 am- Trinity Morning Worship.  Sunday School provided.

Chatburn Morning Communion

10:30 am- Whalley Morning Worship.  Sunday School provided.

Waddington Morning Communion.  Sunday School and Youth Group provided.

2:00 pm- Paythorne Afternoon Worship, followed by JAM club

6:00 pm- Trinity Evening Communion