Where Does God Draw?

Mel is a mum at Trinity Methodist Church.  We’re grateful to her for sharing this inspiration with us today!  Please share your thoughts and join the conversation in the comments below.


I was talking to my daughter tonight about art, so I thought this would be a great opportunity to talk about God being the best artist I’ve ever seen. Well, tonight I learned that if I’m going to open up a conversation about God with my children, I need to be better prepared!
Felicity: But art’s on paper
Me: Art can be lots of different things
Felicity: But where does God draw it?
Me: Well, you see…
Felicity: Does God have hands then?
Me: Yes, sort of…
Felicity: Well if He’s got hands, I want to hold them. I’d really like to hold God’s hand. Can I?
Me: Erm..
Felicity: Well if He doesn’t have hands, how does He draw?
Me: What I mean is…
Felicity: So God makes His drawings come alive?
Me: Yes, I think so
Felicity: How does He do that then?

And so we went on until I distracted her with Moshi Monsters. Relating God to children is so simple in love. Children know what love feels like. But opening up their minds to God’s works and how He performs them, is something quite different. I give thanks for my children’s enquiring minds, but does anyone else feel a little lacking when it comes to delivering satisfying answers to their children? Maybe at age 6, my daughter would be happy with a ‘big picture’ answer, but God is in the detail. And it’s detail that makes the most pwerful art.

Anyone with similar experiences?


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