Washing Up Prayers with the Taylors

Last week the prayer torch visited the Taylor family.  Here’s a snapshot of their ‘GodVenture’-  

The prayer torch brought with it a lot of excitement in our house. The thought of ‘holding a prayer’ galvanised the children into full-bodied engagement with prayer. With God. It’s redefined prayer for us in a lot of ways. It’s an activity, a demonstrative act of sharing, joy, growth, safe confession, and forgiveness. We enjoyed writing our ‘sorry prayers’ in washing up liquid, and then washing them away.

We were moved by the depth of some of the suggestions in the GodVenture pack. Illustrative prayer that really brought us togther at set times. However, we didn’t do enough. You see, Mike and I really believe in the creative power of prayer, and the Prayer Torch has been a genius provision for this (thank you Rachel!). To really make it’s mark, we need to set aside time – mini-Sabbaths during each day when we worship together with joy, excitement, and quiet reflection. Opening our eyes in prayer has helped us to see the extraordinary gifts available to us when God is at our centre. Alleluliah

Thanks for sharing with us, Taylors!


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