The Torch continues…

2012 Chatburn HC006

The Olympics may be over, but the Circuit Prayer Torch is still going strong!

Last week at Chatburn Holiday Club we learned that when we pray, we pass on the ‘flame’ of God’s love to others. Children said prayers of thanks and asked for healing of loved ones. The torch will be visiting Waddington’s Holiday Club next week- please keep the flame going by praying for our children and leaders there.

More photos of the Chatburn Holiday Club fun coming soon.


One response to “The Torch continues…

  1. I admit it. Sending my children to Holiday Club gave me a couple of hours to catch up on work, do some chores, run some errands. Holiday Club is very convenient. But here’s what I saw it do for my children. It amplified their awareness of God’s presence. When they were too tired to attend, they came out full of energy – it helped them experience God’s energy.

    All the elements that make Holiday Club, all the hard work of the leaders and their teams, all their patience means that children might just remember to whisper God’s name when they’re tired and challenged. I think those few hours of the week brought the Creator nearer to their consciousness. I know this because the songs are still sung. I know this because they remind me to whisper God’s name when I’m tired and challenged.

    Many many thanks to everyone involved at Chatburn x

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