Picnics and Prayers at the Dodds’

Last week the Prayer Torch came to our home, and I’m glad it came when it did.  With usual wrapping up of groups at the end of the year, and the busyness of organising holiday clubs while Carl is getting ready for a conference abroad, sadly prayer has hit the bottom of our to-do list lately.

What time(s) did you pray?

We tried doing our family prayers at dinner time or bedtime.  This week we had a rare sunny evening (as seen in the photo above) when we could actually sit outside and enjoy a picnic dinner.  Our prayers definitely focussed on thanksgiving that evening!

Which activity did you try?

The evening in the photo, we chose a GodVenture card which suggested we chat about our favourite things and most challenging things of the week so far, and then pray over them.  These aren’t questions we usually ask each other, so it turned out to be a good family catch-up time.  Of course our daughter can’t really hold a conversation yet, but we took it as an opportunity to discuss some of the comments we’ve received at her nursery- something we also don’t usually get time to do.  Praying together over it all was really meaningful.

What did you like about your family prayer time, and how did it help your family?

Taking time just to be together, talk, and try something new created some really peaceful moments in our week.  It was nice.  I think it’s reminded us that praying and just being together is something we should make time for more often.


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